Hans Bittl (Vice President Global Sales)

"The company`s international orientation has always held a certain attraction for me."

Mr. Bittl, you have been with Schlenk since 1978. What does a company have to offer so that someone will remain in its service for more than 30 years?

The company`s continuous growth and the related opportunities for development have always been an outstanding platform for my own personal development as well. The company`s above-average international orientation has always held a certain attraction for me; that is, the all-encompassing conditions here are still very close to my own ideas and desires today.Sustainability and respectability are part of this family-run company`s lived culture. A person can feel at home at Schlenk; the conditions here are a good fit!

What have been the greatest highlights over your 30 years at SCHLENK?

In more than 30 years of employment here I can look back on many high points and some low points too.

For me, it is still something special when intensive efforts made with customers develop into long-standing business relationships that are successful for both partners and characterized by mutual respect. If you are allowed to serve your customers yourself for a period of more than 10 years, then you know that both the company`s performance and your own are good.

You left a professional soccer career for this job. Have you ever regretted this decision?

In some ways, this soccer career subject has taken on unimaginable proportions! Once a sales partner introduced me to a potential customer as a former soccer player for FC Bayern München. That was very uncomfortable for me because that was really not the case! Anyway, I am very happy to have continued my career with SCHLENK.

Today you are Vice President of Global Sales. How are sales and distribution structured at Carl Schlenk AG and which core competencies must your sales employees have?

In all of the years in which I have held responsibility for sales at SCHLENK it has always been important to me to create a sales network that ensures the best possible proximity to customers and markets.In terms of the new company orientation we are currently classifying the sales team more closely with the business units. Diversification and the related complexity of the markets and applications must also be met with progressive increases in sales specialization.

In addition to the respective skills qualifications, I expect a great deal of intellectual expertise. And the international orientation of our business requires an understanding ofother cultures.

You come in contact with many different countries and cultures. Which have left the greatest impressions?

Working on a global level is definitely an ongoing challenge. It is impossible to describe the diversity here. All of the regions and cultures have their own appeal. For example, Japanese discipline is very impressive, as well as the extraordinary hospitality a person receives in Persian regions. I could give you any number of examples.

You began your career in 1978 as a trainee and today you are in management. What options for development does SCHLENK offer its employees?

SCHLENK has set very ambitious goals for the coming years. Rigorous expansion of all organizational units is associated with these goals. This opens up extraordinary, almost unlimited, options for development for dedicated employees at all levels and in all areas.

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