Metallurgical technology

Technical aluminium flakes, aluminium powders,aluminium paste, foil grit, spray grit

In metallurgical technology, aluminium powders are used as reducing agents and energy sources in “feeders” and in the desulfurization of steel.

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Foil grit

In contrast to "spray grit", which is produced by atomizing molten metal, the granules known as "foil grit" are produced by recycling household and packaging foils.

Active metal content [%] Particle size [µm] Application
0/106 approx. 96 0 - 106
106/160 approx. 96 106 - 160
160/315 approx. 96 160 - 315
315/630 approx. 96 315 - 630
630/1000 approx. 96 630 - 1000

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