Titanium dioxide industry

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Titanium dioxide is the most important white pigment. The annual demand is 4 to 5 million tons per year. About half is used in the pigment industry and the rest in coloring plastics, in printing inks and in the paper industry.

In the manufacturing process, following the “sulfate process”, large amounts of lamellar aluminium powders and pastes are used in the “bleaching stage”. Aluminium is also needed in the “chloride process”, but in this case in considerably coarser particle sizes.

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The Aquapor® series includes dust-free aluminium paste preparations consisting of aluminium powder, water and stabilizing additives.

These pastes in a soluble matrix are characterized by excellent dispersion and, at the same time, a high degree of stability in the paste suspension.

D 50 value [µm] D 90 value [µm] Recommended bulk density [kg/m³] Application
Aquapor 300 series approx. 70 approx. 150 > 600
Aquapor 400 series approx. 60 approx. 130 > 600
Aquapor 1000 series approx. 35 approx. 100 500 - 600
Aquapor 3000 series approx. 25 approx. 85 500 - 600
Aquapor 7000 series approx. 18 approx. 50 400 - 500
Aquapor 9000 series approx. 13 approx. 35 < 400
Aquapor 4207 approx. 55 approx. 115 > 600
Aquapor 4209 approx. 38 approx. 95 > 500
Aquapor 4210 approx. 30 approx. 75 400 - 500
Aquapor 4213 / W approx. 22 approx. 50 350 - 450
Aquapor 4204 approx. 60 approx. 130 > 600

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