Automotive refinish coatings

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments

Damage to original paint can be improved with air drying and low-bake coatings because the entire vehicle would not withstand the conditions required for a baked on coating (140°-160°C). The second largest difference with respect to the original paint is that the standardized colors are mixed in the workshop in small amounts according to specified formulas from a limited number of mixed coatings. For this reason, a particularly high degree of quality consistency is also required.

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We are proud to present our new brand for automotive coatings suitable for OEM applications.

AluMotion® pigments offer unique features: Tight tolerance range enables the products to match the benchmark in every possible respect. Implemented quality control procedures (e.g. multi-angle measurements in mass tone & blue tint)

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
AluMotion® C22 02 22 65 white spirit / aromatics
AluMotion® S08 01 8 60 white spirit / aromatics
AluMotion® S14 01 14 70 white spirit / aromatics
AluMotion® S16 01 16 70 white spirit / aromatics
AluMotion® S18 03 18 70 white spirit / aromatics
AluMotion® S34 01 34 70 white spirit / aromatics


Decomet® is SCHLENK’s range of vacuum metallized pigments, in other words those aluminium pigments which are not produced using the classic grinding process, but rather by the removal of an aluminium film from a support upon which it had been deposited by a PVD process. This method gives the pigment particles an extremely smooth surface which reflects light.

Coatings containing this pigment have a glossy metallic appearance and, depending on the composition, are described as having a “chrome effect”, “platinum effect” or “stainless-steel effect”. VMP particles are much thinner than classic aluminium pigments and have better covering power, a fact which needs to be taken into consideration during formulation. Decomet® can be used in conventional, water-based and UV-curing coatings systems.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Decomet 2004 18/10 C0 18 10 ethyl acetate


Zenexo® UTP Colored Aluminium Effect Pigment in powder form. First available pigment with a D50 value of 21µm. Effect Pigments can be used in solvent, waterborne and UV coatings and printing ink systems. Zenexo® provides outstanding coloristic features, i.e. hiding power, color intensity, flop and gloss. Application areas: Powder Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Plastics and Screen Printing

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Zenexo GoldenShine WB 21 YY 21 100
Zenexo GoldenWhite WB 21 YS 21 100

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