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Metallic coating effects play an important part in the styling of consumer electronics, e.g. TV casings, HiFi equipment, cameras, computer consoles, mobile phones etc. Mostly, the substrate is plastic, which needs to be taken into consideration when the coating is formulated, keeping in mind adhesive qualities, forced drying, dissolving properties of the solvents, etc.

The required film properties such as tape adhesion, chemical resistance, resistance to detergents, solvents, etc.) make tough demands on the metallic pigments. In critical formulations, pigments with an organic or inorganic coating can act as “problem solvers”. In water-based systems, it is essential to use inhibited pigments.

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The Aquador® gold-bronze pastes are stabilized, water-based pastes based on the Luminor®, Unicoat® and Multiprint® pigment ranges.

These pastes are successfully used for water-based industrial and decorative coatings as they are VOC free.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content Application
Aquador 2250 35 70 +/- 2 %
Aquador 2550 35 70 +/- 2 %
Aquador 2580 20 70 +/- 2 %
Aquador 3050 11,5 70 +/- 2 %
Aquador 4350 6 70 +/- 2 %
Aquador 2350 16 70 +/- 2 %


The Constant® product group consists of gold-bronze and aluminium powders with an inorganic coating. Their resulting high thermal and chemical resistance makes them suitable for use in plastics (masterbatches), in particular, but also coating systems that are sensitive in their reactions.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content Application
Constant 2210/N 45 100
Constant 2250/N 33 100
Constant 2280/N 28 100
Constant 4117/N 11 100


Luminor® is a relatively coarse gold-bronze group of products with a particle-size range of approximately 16-50 µm.

They are used in both brilliant industrial coatings and in decorative applications, as well as in the plastic industry. For sensitive coating systems, we recommend the use of Constant® qualities.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content Application
Luminor 2210 50 100
Luminor 2250 35 100
Luminor 2550 35 100
Luminor 2280 20 100
Luminor 2580 20 100
Luminor 2350 16 100


Medium-fine, gold-bronze products with a particle-size range of approximately 6-14 µm. They are used for industrial coatings, decorative-effects and plastic applications.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content Application
Unicoat 3050 11,5 100
Unicoat 3220 10 100
Unicoat 3260 6 100

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