Coil / Can Coating

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments, vacuum metallized pigments, polychromatic pigments

Coil Coating

In the coil coating process, rolled steel or aluminium strips are coated continuously on either one or both sides. After the organic coating is applied, the metal strip formed by stamping or bending. Due to the special properties of this composite material, particularly its high resistance to corrosion, good formability and decorative appearance, it is used in many industries. The coil-coating process is used for indoor and outdoor wall elements as well as for flat components, e.g. kitchen appliances, blinds, etc.

In addition to “classic coil coatings”, SCHLENK also supplies special VMPs for creating high gloss coatings similar to chrome or stainless steel. High transfer efficiency, as well as solvent energy capture and recycling make coil coating one of the most environment-friendly coating technologies.

Can Coating

With can coating (coating metal containers), aluminium pigments are used for creating effects and, most importantly, their barrier protection qualities allow the metal substrate to be protected from the corrosive nature of the container’s contents. Mainly fine pigments with good coverage qualities are used, and stabilized pigments are also used if there are high corrosion protection requirements.

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Decomet® MirrorCoil

SCHLENK manufactures Decomet® pigments (VMPs, vacuum metalized pigments) in a vacuum. Due to this manufacturing process (physical vapor deposition), they are extremely thin (in a low, two-digit nm range) and highly reflective.

Polished aluminium or stainless steel effects can be achieved with this pigment in coil coating applications.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
MirrorCoil Silver 12-15 10 methoxy propanol acetate
MirrorCoil Platinum 11-14 10 methoxy propanol acetate
MirrorCoil Chrome 11-14 10 methoxy propanol acetate


MultiFlect® effect pigments exhibit polychromatic light sparks when perceived under directional lighting. It provides a perfect combination of polychromaticity and cost efficiency.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
MultiFlect® Wave20 20 100
MultiFlect® Wave35 35 100
MultiFlect® Wave150 150 100


Non-leafing aluminium pastes that contain white spirit / aromatics. Silver dollar and corn flake pigments in a range of approx. 8 56 µm.

This product group includes pigments with a range of characteristics from outstanding coverage capacity to attractive sparkle. SilverCoil products are characterized by a high degree of color consistency in coil coating systems.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
SilverCoil 2900 CC 11 65 white spirit / aromatics
SilverCoil 1700 CC 18 65 white spirit / aromatics
SilverCoil 2600 CC 24 65 white spirit / aromatics
SilverCoil 8500 CC 15 60 white spirit / aromatics
SilverCoil 7400 CC 18 70 white spirit / aromatics
SilverCoil 3400 CC 34 70 white spirit / aromatics
SilverCoil 3200 CC 56 70 white spirit / aromatics


Zenexo® UTP Colored Aluminium Effect Pigment in powder form. First available pigment with a D50 value of 21µm. Effect Pigments can be used in solvent, waterborne and UV coatings and printing ink systems. Zenexo® provides outstanding coloristic features, i.e. hiding power, color intensity, flop and gloss. Application areas: Powder Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Plastics and Screen Printing

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Zenexo GoldenShine 21 YY 21 100
Zenexo GoldenShine WB 21 YY 21 100
Zenexo GoldenWhite WB 21 YS 21 100
Zenexo CopperGlow WB 21 OO 21 100

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