Corrosion protection

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments

In functional coatings, it is less the visual effect than the functional properties of the metallic pigments which is the deciding criterion. Corrosion-protection systems are an outstanding example. The lamellar structure of metallic pigments provides effective “barrier protection”. The reflection that results from floating leafing pigments also provides protection against UV and IR radiation. In addition to the barrier function, the lamellar shape of zinc pigment particles offers an extra cathodic or electrochemical protection.

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PP aluminium powders

PP aluminium powders are extremely brilliant, polished leafing pigments in the particle-size range of approximately 10-20 µm.

They are used for decorative and industrial coatings, as well as for the coloring of plastics. The relevant safety regulations must be adhered to when using aluminium powders.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
PP/730 20 100
PP/930 17 100
PP/1130 13 100
PP/1330 10 100


These are VOC free, stabilized leafing aluminium pastes, available in a particle size of approximately 10-20 µm.

They are used for all industrial, decorative and functional, water-based coating applications which require a high-grade, metallic chrome effect.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Aquasilber LPW/730-01 20 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/930-01 17 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/1130-01 13 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/1330-01 10 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/2140-01 13 65 +/- 2 % water


EM aluminium pastes are standard, white spirit-based leafing materials and come in a particle-size range of approximately 10-20 µm.

They are mainly used in decorative and industrial coatings and, in particular, for functional coatings which require a high degree of barrier protection (corrosion-protection coatings) or high light-reflecting properties ( e.g. roof coatings).

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
EM/70 20 65 +/- 2 % white spirit
EM/90 17 65 +/- 2 % white spirit
EM/110 13 65 +/- 2 % white spirit
EM/130 10 65 +/- 2 % white spirit


Metaface® aluminium powders that provide high brilliance, good coverage and excellent printability. They are available as powders, water-based pastes or UV pastes.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Metaface® 2140 13 100


Polytop® are conventional, i.e white-spirit/aromatic-solvent-containing, non-leafing aluminium pastes.

A wide particle-size distribution ensures good covering power. They are referred to as “economy qualities” and are therefore chiefly used in general industrial coatings.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Polytop 0900 14 65 +/- 2 % white spirit
Polytop 0130 11 65 +/- 2 % white spirit

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