Dispersion paints / Wall coatings

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments, gold bronze pigments, polychromatic pigments

In the area of construction paints, in addition to creating an effect, the main purpose is functional protection of the object: Heat radiation, protection from the effects of UV radiation and the weather and corrosive media. SCHLENK offers an extensive range of special, stabilized metal pigments for water-based dispersion paints.

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The Aquamet® product range includes water-based, non-leafing aluminium pastes based on Alumet®, Alucar®, Alubright® and Alushine®, i.e both Cornflake and Silverdollar qualities in a particle-size range of approximately 11-56 µm.

The Aquamet® NPW and Aquamet® WPO versions are stabilized using phosphororganic compounds and contain water as binding medium. The Aquamet® CP/BG pastes contain pigments with an inorganic coating and butyl glycol as water-miscible solvent. Aquamet® products are used in numerous water-based applications. The specific choice of product depends on the binder, substrate and the required film properties. Our application-technology experts will be pleased to help you select the optimal product for your application.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Aquamet CP-BG/3200-01/60 56 60 +/- 2 % butyl glycol
Aquamet CP-BG/3400-01/60 34 60 +/- 2 % butyl glycol
Aquamet CP-BG/6600/60 18 60 +/- 2 % butyl glycol
Aquamet CP-BG/7600/60 14 60 +/- 2 % butyl glycol
Aquamet CP-BG/8500/60 16 50 % butyl glycol
Aquamet CP-BG/3100-01/60 ca. 75 ca. 60 butyl glycol
Aquamet CP/3100-01/60 75 60 water
Aquamet CP/3200-01/60 56 60 water
Aquamet CP/3400-01/60 34 60 water
Aquamet CP/6600/50 18 50 water


The Constant® product group consists of gold-bronze and aluminium powders with an inorganic coating. Their resulting high thermal and chemical resistance makes them suitable for use in plastics (masterbatches), in particular, but also coating systems that are sensitive in their reactions.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Constant® 2210/N 45 100
Constant® 2250/N 33 100
Constant® 2280/N 28 100
Constant® 4117/N 11 100


Zenexo® UTP Colored Aluminium Effect Pigment in powder form. First available pigment with a D50 value of 21µm. Effect Pigments can be used in solvent, waterborne and UV coatings and printing ink systems. Zenexo® provides outstanding coloristic features, i.e. hiding power, color intensity, flop and gloss. Application areas: Powder Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Plastics and Screen Printing

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Zenexo GoldenShine 21 YY 21 100

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