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In addition to barrier protection from moisture and corrosion, the use of leafing aluminum pigments in roof coatings provides the following typical advantages: The reflection of UV rays offers protection from the photochemical degradation of the organic coating matrix and the substrate; the reflection of IR rays provides protection from overheating of the building (e.g. storage rooms).

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These are VOC free, stabilized leafing aluminium pastes, available in a particle size of approximately 10-20 µm.

They are used for all industrial, decorative and functional, water-based coating applications which require a high-grade, metallic chrome effect.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Aquasilber LPW/730-01 20 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/930-01 17 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/1130-01 13 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/1330-01 10 65 +/- 2 % water
Aquasilber LPW/2140-01 13 65 +/- 2 % water


EM aluminium pastes are standard, white spirit-based leafing materials and come in a particle-size range of approximately 10-20 µm.

They are mainly used in decorative and industrial coatings and, in particular, for functional coatings which require a high degree of barrier protection (corrosion-protection coatings) or high light-reflecting properties ( e.g. roof coatings).

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
EM/70 20 65 +/- 2 % white spirit
EM/90 17 65 +/- 2 % white spirit
EM/110 13 65 +/- 2 % white spirit
EM/130 10 65 +/- 2 % white spirit


Grandal® pigments are granulated, pellet-shaped, solvent-free, leafing and non-leafing aluminium pigments containing urea-aldehyde-resin binders.

They are easy to dose and, due to the pre-wetting with a universally compatible binder, are also very easy to disperse.

D 50 value [µm] Metal content [%] Solvent Application
Grandal 170 6 approx. 95 urea-aldehyde resin
Grandal 730 20 approx. 95 urea-aldehyde resin
Grandal 2140 13 approx. 95 urea-aldehyde resin


Zenexo® UTP Colored Aluminium Effect Pigment in powder form. First available pigment with a D50 value of 21µm. Effect Pigments can be used in solvent, waterborne and UV coatings and printing ink systems. Zenexo® provides outstanding coloristic features, i.e. hiding power, color intensity, flop and gloss. Application areas: Powder Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Plastics and Screen Printing

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Zenexo GoldenShine 21 YY 21 100

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