Powdal® XT

Special aluminium pigments for use in powder coatings.

Powdal® XT are silica encapsulated pigments for powder coatings. Powdal® XT pigments are suitable for high-quality indoor applications that require higher chemical resistance.

Powdal® XT

Powder coatings Powder coatings

Product NameD 50 value [µm]Solid content [%]Application
Powdal® 2600-01 XT23100Powder coatings
Powdal® 3100-01 XT75100Powder coatings
Powdal® 3200-01 XT56100Powder coatings
Powdal® 3400-01 XT34100Powder coatings
Powdal® 6600-01 XT18100Powder coatings

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