Contact materials

Copper and copper alloy powder, copper powder, bronze powder, brass powder

In so-called contact materials, metal powder is used to achieve electrical or thermal conductivity. Typical applications include the carbon brushes in electric motors, where lamellar copper powder is used in combination with graphite powders.

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Lamellar copper powders for use in contact materials, lubricants and in the chemical industry are produced when copper powder atomized in air is processed in the following ball milling procedures.

Apparent density [g/cm³] Copper content [%] D 50 value [µm] flowability Grease content [%] Sieve analysis [%] Application
Cubrotec 6000 approx. 1 min. 98 approx. 34 not flowable max. 0.2 >45µm: max.5
Cubrotec 5000 approx. 1 min. 98 approx. 38 not flowable max. 0.3 >45µm: max.6
Cubrotec 7001 approx. 0.7 min. 95 approx. 14 not flowable approx. 1.4 >75µm:traces >45µm: max.3
Cubrotec 7002 approx. 0.8 min. 96 approx. 20 not flowable approx. 0.6 >45µm: max.1 >75µm:traces
Cubrotec 8000 approx. 0.8 min. 95 approx. 4 not flowable approx. 0.5 >45µm: traces
Cubrotec 8001 approx. 0.6 approx. 95 approx. 3 not flowable approx. 1.5 >45µm: traces

Rogal Copper GK

Smelting and atomization are used to produce copper powders from highly pure refined or electrolytic copper.

In the air atomization process used by SCHLENK, spherical particles are formed , which are then classified into the required particle size distribution.

Apparent density [g/cm³] Copper content [%] flowability Phosphorus content [%] Sieve analysis [%] Application
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/50 approx. 5 min. 99 flowable max. 0.4 >50µm: max. 5
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/63 ca. 5 min. 99 fließfähig max. 0.4 > 63 µm: max. 5
Rogal Kupfer GK 50/100 approx. 5 min. 99 flowable max. 0.4 >100µm: max. 5 < 50µm: max.10
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/250 approx. 5 min. 99 flowable max. 0.4 >250µm: max. 5
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/315 approx. 5 g/cm³ min. 99 flowable max. 0.4 >315µm: max. 5
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/25 approx. 5 min. 99 not flowable max. 0.4 >25µm: max. 5

Rogal Brass

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc in various compositions.

Air atomization of the molten material results in irregularly shaped powders. Common compositions are brass I (approx. 92%Cu/8%Zn), brass II (approx. 82%Cu/18% Zn) and brass III (approx. 70%Cu/30%Zn)

Apparent density [g/cm³] Copper content [%] flowability Sieve analysis [%] Zinc content [%] Application
Rogal Messing I GS 0/63 approx. 3 approx. 92 flowable >63 µm: max. 5 approx. 8

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