Soldering and joining components

Copper and copper alloy powder, copper powder, bronze powder

Copper and copper alloy powders are used on a large scale in solder pastes for soldering and connecting metal components (heat exchangers, coolers, etc.) in the automotive and electrical device industries.

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Rogal Copper GK

Smelting and atomization are used to produce copper powders from highly pure refined or electrolytic copper.

In the air atomization process used by SCHLENK, spherical particles are formed , which are then classified into the required particle size distribution.

Apparent density [g/cm³] Copper content [%] flowability Phosphorus content [%] Sieve analysis [%] Application
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/50 approx. 5 min. 99 flowable max. 0.4 >50µm: max. 5
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/63 ca. 5 min. 99 fließfähig max. 0.4 > 63 µm: max. 5
Rogal Kupfer GK 50/100 approx. 5 min. 99 flowable max. 0.4 >100µm: max. 5 < 50µm: max.10
Rogal Kupfer GK 0/25 approx. 5 min. 99 not flowable max. 0.4 >25µm: max. 5

Rogal Tin Bronze GK

Alloying and atomization of copper and tin in air produces irregularly shaped bronze powder. Deoxidizing components (e.g. phosphorus) can be added to produce powders with light gloss, e.g. those needed in filter materials.

A standard alloy contains approx. 90% copper and 10% tin. Special alloys and the respective particle size distribution are part of the individual specifications and are ensured through effective process and quality control.

Apparent density [g/cm³] Copper content [%] flowability Phosphorus content [%] Sieve analysis [%] Tin content [%] Application
Rogal Zinnbronze GK 0/63-03 approx. 5 approx. 96 flowable max. 0.4 > 63µm: max.5 approx. 4
Rogal Zinnbronze GK 0/25 approx. 5 approx. 90 not flowable max. 0.4 > 25µm: max.5 approx. 10
Rogal Zinnbronze GK 0/80 approx. 5 approx. 90 flowable max. 0.4 > 80µm: max.5 approx. 10

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