Foil and strip delivery options (e.g. C11000, C10100, C10300)

Foils and strips by Schlenk Metallfolien are used in a wide variety of products and applications. In order to meet the various requirements, we use a wide variety of processing equipment and machinery.

We offer options for your processing needs should it be for reel-to-reel technology or for piece by piece manufacturing. 

Our options for various delivery versions include:

  • Sheets
  • Coils, wide or narrow
  • Spools
  • Rings


We can provide almost any of the dimensions offered in our production program as sheet sections as well.

  • Sheets cut from strips, untrimmed
  • Sheets delivered as raw goods or layered with intermediate paper

Thanks to our specialized partners, we can also implement initial processing requested by our customers, including the following:

  • Punching
  • Cut to form
  • Labeled

Coils, spools, rings

Thanks to our wide variety of equipment and machinery, from our master coils we can produce all types of coils, spools and rings. The rings and spools can weigh anywhere from one hundred grams to several tons. The maximum weight per unit depends on the dimensions.

Our in-house definitions of coils, spools and rings are as follows:


  • The strip / foil width is greater than the wound diameter.
  • The coils are available on steel, cardboard and plastic cores.


  • The rings consist of sections of rolls or narrowly cut foils and strips.
  • In general, the strip / foil width is significantly less than the wound diameter.
  • We also offer the special so-called film spool for strip widths of less than 10 mm. Film spools are special cores with supporting, protecting side shields.


  • We provide narrowly cut foils and strips on traverse wound spools.
  • The advantage of spooled foils and strips are long lengths at relatively small external diameters.

Coil Calculator for Metal Foils

Outer diameter, weight, foil length and much more: With our practical calculators, you can calculate the essential key figures of a ring yourself and thus obtain detailed information on the metal foil required in your project.

To the Coil Calculator

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