Brass is an alloy composed of the metals copper and zinc. Both elements blend very well, which makes brass a very homogeneous material.

Brass is mainly used in the industry for general construction purposes or as resistor material. In addition, it is used in lamination, in the production of heating foils and in etching.

Technical Datasheet (PDF)

Standard brass types in our production program include:


  • EN: CuZn30 ; UNS: C26000; BS: CW 505L (CZ 106) ; ISO: CuZn30
  • 70% copper, 30% zinc
  • good cold-working properties
  • General Construction or resistor material
  • Other application areas: lamination, heating foils and etching
  • Electrical conductivity: 16.3 m/Ω mm²


  • EN: CuZn37 ; UNS: C27200; BS: CW 508L (CZ 108); ISO: CuZn37
  • 63% copper, 37% zinc
  • excellent cold-working properties
  • Alloy that is most often used for deep-drawing
  • Good spring properties at the proper strength
  • Electrical conductivity: 15 m/Ω mm²

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