Roll-clad composites

A roll-clad composite is a composite material that consists of several different layers of metal. The metal layers may be clad in various thicknesses. The individual layers of a roll-clad composite material are inseparably joined.

An advantageous combination of materials will lead to different properties that can not be achieved with the individual materials alone.

The advantages of our rolled cladding technology include:

  • Single-sided cladding is possible
  • Various layer thicknesses on either side for double-sided cladding
  • Various layer materials on either side for double-sided cladding
  • No flux agents used for tinning copper
  • Uniform layer thickness across the width of the strip

SCHLENK Metal Foils offers three standard roll-clad composites:

1. CIC (copper-invar-copper)

  • The invar foil is the core material that is clad on both sides with a copper foil.
  • Application areas include special circuits, metal cores and heat sinks.
  • The composite foil can be provided without having been treated (uncoated).
  • To improve the bond and/or peel strength of laminates, by request our CIC foils undergo a single or double-sided Cu treatment or Cu/Zn treatment.

2. Silvered copper, roll-clad (Cu/Ag)

  • The good conductivity of the copper is combined with silver`s high gloss.
  • In addition, the silver surface offers good protection from corrosion.

3. Tinned copper, roll clad (Cu/Sn)

  • Various tin and tin-solder layers are available.

Further Options:

SINGLE SIDE cladding Silver Solder Copper Copper
base Copper Copper Aluminum FeNi36
BOTH SIDES cladding Silver Solder Copper Copper
base Copper Copper Nickel FeNi36
cladding Silver Solder Copper Copper
DIFFERENT MATERIALS cladding Silver Solder A
base Copper Copper
cladding Solder Solder B
DIFFERENT RATIOS cladding 3% / 4% / 5,6% of total thickness
base Copper
cladding 10% / 13% of total thickness

Other variations and combinations possible – please inquire.

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