Slitting, rolling and annealing are among the processing steps in the production of our special foil products.

Our expertise is founded on the processing of materials.

SCHLENK offers foil products or sub-contracting with regard to your special materials: Benefit from our expertise and processing technologies!

Sub-contracting and contract manufacturing

We specialize in the production of very thin special metal foils. Thanks to our wide variety of equipment and machinery, we can also provide capacity for sub-contracting and contract manufacturing.

These are the technologies we can provide for you:

  • Rolling
  • Slitting
  • Slitting
  • Traverse winding on spools
  • Special degreasing
  • Flexible conditions for sub-contracting. By request, we would be happy to check on the conditions for your needs.

As an experienced manufacturer of very thin foils, we have successfully processed the following materials for customer orders:

  • C155 (special copper alloy)
  • K88 (precipitation hardening special copper alloy)
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Magnifer (soft-magnetic nickel-iron alloy)
  • Stainless steel

... and much more.

If you need additional processing options, please contact us and we can check on possibilities for realization with our equipment and machinery.

Coil Calculator for Metal Foils

Outer diameter, weight, foil length and much more: With our practical calculators, you can calculate the essential key figures of a ring yourself and thus obtain detailed information on the metal foil required in your project.

To the Coil Calculator

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