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In the beverage industry, designing labels with special effects represents a significant marketing instrument for supporting sales and creating brands.

Today, metallic effects can be printed on a whole range of substrates used for labels, from the traditional papers to a variety of plastics. Flexo printing (narrow web) is used most often for this application. For large print runs, gravure printing is also used. Decomet® can be used to achieve metallic effects of particularly high quality. These vacuum metallized pigments (VMP) can print mirror effects in targeted areas of the label design. In this way, these pigments offer advantages not possible with the competing effect technologies of metallization and embossed foils.

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Stabilized, non-leafing aluminium water pastes with various particle morphology (both "cornflakes" and "silver dollars") for water-based gravure, flexo and screen printing inks.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Aquamet NPW/1700-01 18 60 water
Aquamet NPW/2900-01 11 60 water
Aquamet NPW/1200-01 32 60 water


Decomet® is the product name for vacuum metalized pigments (VMPs) by SCHLENK. The manufacturing process makes these pigments extremely thin, and in appearance they are extremely smooth and highly reflective when being applied on foils.

Decomet pigments can be used in sheetfed offset, gravure, flexo and screen printing inks. They can achieve effects similar to those produced with metalized substrates and foils, and because they are non-leafing, the effects can also be tinted with color pigments. Special compositions for water-based and UV curable inks complete the range of this highly attractive product range.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Decomet 2050 12/10 H0 12-15 10 water

Grandal® W

Grandal® W are aluminium granules for water borne systems based on non-leafing aluminium pigments.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Solvent Application
Grandal W 8500-01 16 80 urea-aldehyde resin
Grandal W 9600-01 13 80 urea-aldehyde resin
Grandal W 9800-01 8.5 80 urea-aldehyde resin

Metaprint® FlexoBright aqua

Water-based flexo printing inks available in rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold, silver and in Pantone colors.

Metaprint® FlexoBright aqua flexo printing inks utilise a selection of high quality pigments that produce excellent metallic effects. The Flexobright aqua series can be used with a large selection of applications and print designs on coated paper and board.

Shade Application
FlexoBright aqua 333-08 Silver n.l.

Metaprint® FlexoFilm aqua

Metaprint® FlexoFilm aqua is a water-based flexo printing ink that is suitable for use on plastic film, e.g. PE or PP, and when good adhesion on a smooth substrate is required.

Shade Application
FlexoFilm aqua 353-08 V1 Silver n.l.

Metaprint® FlexoGloss aqua

Water-based flexo printing inks available in rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold, silver and in Pantone colors.

With a selection of fine pigments, Metaprint® FlexoGloss flexo printing inks are formulated with small particle size pigments, giving print results with high coverage and gloss. The Flexogloss aqua series can be used in a wide variety of applications and print designs.

Shade Application
FlexoGloss aqua 332-08 V1 Silver n.l.

Metaprint® RotoBright aqua

Metaprint® RotoBright aqua is a water-based gravure printing ink based on non-leafing, silver dollar pigments.

Shade Application
RotoBright aqua 533-01 Rich Gold
RotoBright aqua 533-02 Rich Pale Gold
RotoBright aqua 533-03 Pale Gold
RotoBright aqua 533-07 Silver

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