Anniversary celebration at the Barnsdorf location

Executive management honored deserving employees who have provided loyal service to SCHLENK for 10, 25 and even 40 years.

Joachim von Schlenk: “Today is the day that we thank you for your service”. Those who have spent so much time in a company become part of it. “We thank you for your dedication to your work and to our company and for the wealth of experience you have accumulated and used to improve our performance”.

Georg Bartenschlager, Otto Horrer, and Nurettin Mutlu have worked for SCHLENK for 40 years. Ihsan Durmaz, Dr. Helge Friesenhan, Martin Greil, Susanne Gruber, Alfred Hartmann, Tzemil Kara, Mohammad Mohsen, Ebu Telha Nayci, Michael Rogner, Thomas Schaller, Peter Schiller and Joachim Schulze were honored for their 25 years of service. In addition, 17 other employees celebrated their 10th anniversary at SCHLENK.