Jointly Preparing School Pupils for the Future

Photo: Tobias Tschapka

SCHLENK entered into an official cooperation agreement with Hilpoltstein Gymnasium (academic high school) in April 2016. In the presence of pupils, teachers, parents, members of the Group of Friends of the school and local politicians, Daniela von SCHLENK-Barnsdorf and Headmaster Karlheinz Thoma signed the document in continuation of the fruitful cooperation.

Trial internships, projects as part of the "P-seminar", and continuing education for teachers in the Barnsdorf company: these are some of the current interactions between SCHLENK and the high school, which has also been distinguished as a European environmental school. Joint contributions to "Jugend forscht" (youth research) by apprentices and high school pupils could follow, according to Karlheinz Thoma.

Dr. Daniela von SCHLENK describes the cooperation aim: "To build a bridge between theory and practice to challenge those involved to actively shape the future and provide us in the company with access to non-formal learning." The pupils may establish contacts to the persons responsible, create trust and carry out internships which would be far more difficult to access without the agreed partnership. Dr. Daniela von SCHLENK promised the pupils at the high school transparent, targeted insights into the working world to improve their professional orientation and their ability to choose a profession.

Other SCHLENK cooperation partners are the Anton-Seitz Mittelschule (junior high school) in Roth and the Wilhelm-von-Stieber Realschule (secondary school) in Roth.