Fire at SCHLENK in Roth-Barnsdorf

This morning around 05:00 o'clock fire alarm was triggered at our location Barnsdorf.

The fire involved a warehouse for finished goods. When the fire department arrived, the fire had progressed so far that the building could no longer be entered. As there was mainly aluminum powder in the building, it was no longer possible to extinguish the fire . The remains of the fire are therefore burned down controlled and guarded. This can last until tomorrow. The road will be closed until tomorrow morning. The fire brigade therefore had essentially the task of protecting adjacent production buildings. This was also successful.

Persons were never endangered and did not come to harm. There is no danger at all now.

The burning of aluminum does not produce toxic substances. The black smoke was mainly caused by the burning of packaging materials, wooden pallets and the building fabric of the building. The recommendation of the police and fire department to keep doors and windows shut was a precaution. According to current measurements of the fire brigade, no acutely harmful concentrations can be detected in the smoke.

The loss amounts the shipping building and a few dozen tons of finished material. Individual product groups were stored in the affected warehouse.

Our thanks go to all employees, security forces and the fire brigade who, through their safe and prudent intervention, were able to quickly control the situation.

The company has set up a citizen telephone. It can be reached at +49 9171 808-0.