SCHLENK company has acquired the industrial company "API Americas"

April 27, 2020

Roth-Barnsdorf/Lawrence, KS, USA - The SCHLENK company has acquired the industrial company "API Americas" in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. The new location of the family owned company headquartered in Roth produces vacuum metallized foils for use at SCHLENK’s German production facilities in Roth and Barnsdorf.

"With this acquisition we are taking a long anticipated and strategically important step with which we can ensure the highest possible quality of raw materials for products we consider essential for the future. These products are manufactured in our plants in Roth and in Barnsdorf (Germany)", explains CEO Joachim von Schlenk about the decision.

API Americas was the US subsidiary of API Group, a leading manufacturer of films and laminated foils. API had been a supplier of important raw materials for SCHLENK’s high end effect pigments. With this move, SCHLENK was able to integrate a key supplier. "With this step, we position ourselves well already now for our high quality end products for a time after the corona crisis. Having these capabilities now inhouse ensures innovation and a solid supply chain for a key raw material".

The Lawrence KS site will become part of the SCHLENK Group and will continued to be operated with 17 employees.

SCHLENK produces highly specialized chemical products for industrial processing. With a team of approx. 1000 employees worldwide, a global sales network as well as subsidiaries and production facilities in Germany and abroad, SCHLENK has been able to build up a reputable, international customer base. The company has been family-owned since its foundation in 1879 and is located in Roth-Barnsdorf.