SCHLENK invests millions in a new laboratory project

High-level visitors at the official opening of the new laboratory

Pictured from left to right: Herbert Eckstein (District Administrator), Jürgen Rohmer (Chairman of the Board, Sparkasse Middle Franconia-South), Dr. Daniela von Schlenk (SCHLENK Director PR), Karl Scheuerlein (Managing Director, Unternehmerfabrik), Joachim von Schlenk (SCHLENK CEO Carl Schlenk AG), Dr. Alois Seidl (SCHLENK President SMP), Ralph Edelhäußer (Mayor of Roth) and Markus Lötzsch (Chief Executive Officer, IHK Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Following a ten-month construction period, SCHLENK successfully completed the first phase of the laboratory expansion. The construction companies and political representatives attended the opening celebration to have a look at the new space. An additional 500 m² laboratory space was added to the existing 800 m². Now employees in the areas of research, analysis and quality control have access to optimum conditions. In this way, SCHLENK continues to focus on research and development. “We have to differentiate ourselves from the low-cost competition from Asia,” says executive board member Dr. Alois Seidl.

With patented innovations, SCHLENK continues to invest in the expansion of its technology leadership in specific niches. Chief Executive Officer Joachim von SCHLENK is also convinced that competitiveness must be strengthened in order to ensure sustainable growth and good employment opportunities. “China has now taken over the lead in research publications in chemistry and companies there are receiving increasing numbers of patents,” says Joachim von SCHLENK.

Eleven new positions were also generated in this first phase of the laboratory expansion. The second construction phase is supposed to be completed by the end of 2017; first, in an expansion of part of the metalworking building, a new space of about 500 m² will be fully developed.