SCHLENK starts partnership with Polaris Battery Labs

Research and Development of newest technology for Li Ion batteries

PORTLAND, OREGON & ROTH, GERMANY.--Polaris Battery Labs, LLC, and Schlenk Metal Foils GmbH & Co KG are joining forces to help accelerate the development of rechargeable batteries. Polaris is a prototyping center focused on assisting new material developers in optimizing and assessing their products in rechargeable cells, and SCHLENK provides a family of current collector and tabbing products used throughout the cell production industry.

The collaboration leverages the capabilities of both companies for customers who need to develop their new products and require access to rolled copper and nickel foils, initially for their prototypes and ultimately for their high volume production products.

The partnership will make it possible for Polaris and SCHLENK to help battery startup companies and material developers expedite the commercialization process not only by processing samples quickly at Polaris Labs but by making advanced cell components readily available to the industry. Today, it is often quite difficult to obtain small quantities of high quality battery grade materials for initial study and product development. With the SCHLENK ability to produce any quantities in special roll sizes there will be immense interest in using these materials during the design, development and scale up process.

Polaris and SCHLENK will help customers overcome common roadblocks to commercializing their new material inventions, including:

  • Providing initial foil batches in multiple sizes and configurations to assist early stage developers in producing new electrodes and cells.
  • Providing high volume production foil products to allow developers to easily transition designs to full production.
  • Possibility for reducing time to market by expediting sample processing at Polaris using SCHLENK products.
  • Young companies can minimize the capital expenditures associated with building and staffing your own development laboratory by working with Polaris and SCHLENK.