The perfect platform

The European Coating Show, the world’s leading trade fair in this area, is a great success for SCHLENK

This was the star standing in the limelight: in gleaming gold, the Lotus Esprit coated with a paint that includes the new Zenexo® technology by the SCHLENK company. This was literal limelight: a film scene that emulates one from the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only”, which features the Lotus, one of the most famous service vehicles in the world, was used to attract visitors, who came in droves, to the SCHLENK stand at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg.

The design concept, itself good enough for a film, was even announced on the title page of the trade show magazine. The publication stated that visitors should absolutely not miss seeing the vintage car. And many people took this tip to heart, based on the crowds at the stand. All day long, a jumble of English voices dominated in conversation. This was not only an indicator of the keen interest, but also of the international nature of the largest, most significant trade show for the coatings and paint industry, held from April 21 - 23, which attracted professionals in this area from around the globe.

Crowds continually surrounded the vintage “Lotus Esprit S2 Maple Leaf”, which opened the door for consulting and negotiating conversations regarding Zenexo®. Customers spoke pointedly with SCHLENK employees about this completely new technology.

“I am very pleased with the positive customer response and the quality of the discussions we had,” says Dr. Frank J. Maile, Director of Coatings & Pigments. “The great interest of many customers in close cooperation with our company is a super successful team effort and we can be very proud of it.”

SCHLENK has a great deal to offer: above all, “many innovations,” which Michael Bauer, Marketing Manager, emphasizes as well. “The stand design, with its elegant, British look not only attracted the attention of professional visitors, but also the trade press,” adds Bauer, pleased.

In hall 7A, SCHLENK presented many new product highlights for both the coatings and plastics industry and the printing and graphics industry. In addition to the new Zenexo® technology, some of these highlights included the effect pigments MultiFlect®, Powdal®, SilverCoil and Decomet®. These product highlights were spotlighted for the trade show: of course, together with the Lotus Esprit, but also on display boards and with finely painted helmets and water bottles.

This all took a great deal of time and effort: for nine months, the project team, consisting of the business units Coatings & Colorants, Inks & Graphic Arts, Marketing and Sales, fine-tuned a concept until the stand could be presented at the trade show. And the SCHLENK team also did impressive work during the show. On each of the three days, an average of 30 employees, from trainees to the company boss, worked continuously.

“This is the perfect platform for us,” says Hans Bittl, Vice President of Global Sales, with confidence. “The trade show is absolutely worthwhile because in just a few days, we can talk with a fantastic number of users, large customers and sales partners.” Many contacts were also made with designers. That is also important, Bittl emphasizes. “We inspire them with new pigments and they pass the ideas on to the industry.”

The largest crowd at the stand was on the first day of the trade fair at the After Show Party beneath the poster walls picturing Big Ben and the Westminster Bridge. Along with small snacks like fish 'n' chips, martinis were served – shaken, in the James Bond style. In addition, SCHLENK customers were able to try their luck at the gaming tables with blackjack and roulette. The chips they used were, of course, colored with SCHLENK effect pigments.

Monika Meyer