Unique holographic effect pigment project

Tiered service with a hologram effect

A unique development project in which reflections of light in all of the colors of the rainbow shimmer impressively across a plastic surface and produce a hologram effect was carried out by the GRAFE Group in Blankenhain together with Carl SCHLENK AG in Roth. Afterward, in cooperation with those responsible for design and production at Koziol GmbH, located in Erbach, this project was implemented successfully for the first time. Koziol is a leading manufacturer of plastic design items for the household and office.

The product that was fabricated was a beautiful tiered server. The various surfaces of this designer piece are its true advantage because they display the effect of the pigment on both high-gloss and matte structures. With MultiFlect®, SCHLENK has succeeded in developing a holographic effect pigment that achieves a wide variety of amazing effects, depending on the application and lighting: from shimmering pearl and rainbow colors to the illusion of depth.