Fine 6 µm Silver Dollar & Related Products

The 6 μm ultrafine non leafing silver dollar products provide a white silver optic with a very nice second surface effect. The products are suitable for all printing processes and allow very fine details also in screen printing applications.

Application areas:

  • Labels
  • Gift papers
  • Packaging

USPs of fine 6 µm non leafing silverdollar products

  • Ultrafine Silver Dollar
  • White/silver appearance - great for imitation gold!
  • Suitable for most printing processes
  • Very nice second surface effect
  • Very fine details in screen printing is possible
  • Narrow particle distribution
  • Dust-free and easy handling

News & Highlights

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Grandal® W

Grandal® W are based on phosphor organic stabilized non-leafing silver dollar pigments and give a superior printability bright metallic effect.