SCHLENK Metallic Pigments presents new effect pigments for the cosmetics industry

Focus on sustainability and suitable for aqueous applications


For the first time, SCHLENK has launched aluminium-based highly covering pigments for cosmetic applications that are suitable for aqueous formulations. These combine the advantages of dazzling pearlescent pigments with efficient coverage. In addition, the company focuses on purity, quality and sustainability.

SCHLENK presented the latest development in the Alegrace® cosmetic pigment range at in-cosmetics from April 2-4, 2019 in Paris (booth: F34): Alegrace Aurous B 21/11-1 Yellow Gold, which shines with its stability even in water-based formulations.

"Gold metallic effects give cosmetic products a luxurious dimension. After the Alegrace Aurous A-series, with a pigment for a breath taking 24 carat gold look and a pigment for great white gold effects, the Aurous B-series is now the extension of the pigment technology that allows very vivid and intensely covering gold tones also for water-based cosmetic applications", Veronika Brucks, Product Manager Cosmetics at SCHLENK, emphasizes the unique advantages of the new series. In addition, SCHLENK will also present a new silver effect pigment: Alegrace Lustrous A 100/77-1 Smooth Silver: This aluminium pigment guarantees a unique glitter effect, silver sparkling with no micro-plastic and a surprisingly pleasant skin feel.

Furthermore, SCHLENK will expand the color possibilities for water-based nail polishes with a new VMP pigment. Alegrace Marvelous 12/77-1 Shiny Silver enables silver or colored metallic creations also for water-based nail polishes.

In addition to the unique coverage and the associated efficiency of the Alegrace pigments, the product group also convinces with excellent colorability. The possibility of blending SCHLENK's various pigments into individual shades allows cosmetic manufacturers to combine them into an infinite number of colored metallic designs.

About Alegrace®

Alegrace® is the SCHLENK brand for cosmetic pigments. Alegrace® offers cosmetic manufacturers a wide range of different effects for various cosmetic products, especially in the field of decorative color cosmetics. Alegrace® pigments naturally meet all regulatory requirements with regard to purity. SCHLENK also offers support in the form of color and trend development.

The products of the Alegrace range lend a certain extravagant metallic shine to various formulations of decorative color cosmetics as well as skin and hair care products. In addition, the high-quality effect pigments are manufactured exclusively with pure raw materials and using state-of-the-art production facilities. In this way, SCHLENK guarantees reproducible high quality.


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