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The availability of resources is limited. An ever increasing standard of living, the growing world population and the climatic change are only some of the catalysts resulting in scarcity of resources. 

Thus we continuously optimize our production processes and consistently decrease our consumption of raw materials. The compliance with statutory and agreed environmental standards is an integral part of our mission statement. We make every endeavor to reduce environmental pollution, beyond the applicable provisions, to a minimum - with appropriate means and by applying state-of-the-art technology.   

With our facilities located in ecologically sensitive landscapes SCHLENK has always found the need to contribute to environmental preservation.

Reforesting large areas with alluvial forests, creating large biotope networks and laying high voltage power lines below ground as well as keeping and restoring historical buildings are part of our far reaching ecological compensation concept at our Barnsdorf location.

The use of renewable energies is being furthered at our locations. Photovoltaic systems in Barnsdorf, Bernlohe and Bitterfeld, a hydroelectric power plant, and our forestry management annually save many tons of CO2. 

We implement our environmentally conscious activities with uniform standards at our international locations.

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SCHLENK Timeline

Carl Schlenk invested in the Weiss & Feyertag wrought iron manufacturing facility in Barnsdorf, Germany and in 1879 he used it to establish his own company.