High Tensile Anode Foils

Due to recent advances in battery R&D aiming for higher capacity and cycle endurance, more and more electrode coating technologies include challenging recipes with a high expansion or heat development (e.g. Si-based electrolytes and solid state applications).


SCHLENK offers thinnest rolled copper foils based on High Tensile Alloys. These new products help to improve the reliability and stability of batteries with advanced electrolyte coatings.

SCHLENK High Tensile Anode Foils offer

  • elevated tensile strength (Rm)
  • improved conductivity

Standard battery grade foil can be rolled to a maximum tensile strength (Rm) of approx. 400 MPa. High tensile strength alloys achieve Rm values above 600 MPa. Depending on the copper alloy being used, the electrical conductivity can go as high as 86% IACS.

SCHLENK is capable of rolling these copper alloys down to 6 microns with a superb surface cleanliness for optimal adhesion. Our experienced technical team can assist in evaluating the suitable alloy and specification for your application.

Please also review our SCHLENK Battery Sample Kit options if you intend to test our High Tensile Alloys in your application.

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