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Since the introduction of the two-coat coating system in the mid 1970s, “metallics” have become increasingly popular. Constant advances in the development of coating technology (low solids, high solids, water-borne), in binder technology, application techniques (pneumatic, electrostatic “bell/bell”) and pigment technology (cornflakes, silver dollar) make automotive coating one of the paint applications with the highest quality specifications.

This applies both to 120°-140°C cured factory coatings, or OEMs, as well as to air drying and low-bake repair coatings. Other related applications, for example the coating of exterior mounted parts (e.g. bumpers and fenders) and interior and exterior accessories to the automotive section, naturally have to meet the same quality criteria as the body paint. SCHLENK meets these challenges with production sites in Germany and China, as well as technology centers in Europe, USA and China.

Original coating (series coating) – OEM

For many years now, metallic effects have been popular with cars. Pure silver colors or those containing a mixture of aluminium pigments with transparent colored pigments or other effect pigments are important styling features in the automobile industry.

Product information Original coating (series coating) – OEM

Automotive refinish coatings

Damage to original paint can be improved with air drying and low-bake coatings because the entire vehicle would not withstand the conditions required for a baked on coating (140°-160°C).

Product information Automotive refinish coatings

Rim coatings

For the most part, silver metal effects are applied to rims. If they are wet coated, in addition to the usual aluminium pigments, VMPs can also be used to create high gloss chrome effects.

Product information Rim coatings

Add-on parts

Add-on parts made of plastic for external areas can be coated with silver effects (e.g. rim covers) or in the car’s color (fenders, rocker panels, rear view mirror housings, etc.). Low-bake coating systems are used; installation is done after the steel chassis has been coated in a baked on process.

Product information Add-on parts


Metallic effect coatings are also applied in the interiors of vehicles: Decorative molding, instrument panels, brand emblems, radio housings and much more. In many cases, in order to achieve high gloss effects similar to high quality chrome or stainless steel, VMPs (vacuum metallized pigments) in the Decomet® series are used.

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