Effect pigments, aluminium pigments, gold bronze pigments, vacuum metallized pigments, press ready inks, offset inks, gravure printing inks, flexo printing ink, gold and silver effects in the printing of modern packaging

Gold and silver effects for printed cardboard, paper and plastic substrates used as packaging for beverages, cosmetics, electronics and many other items.

Printed packaging with gold and silver effects as well as polychromatic effects (which combine non-leafing aluminium pigments with transparent color pigments) is a very diverse application area for metal pigments:

SCHLENK pigments are used on cardboard (used as outer packaging for beverages, tobacco products, cosmetics, electronics and food (without direct contact with the food)). But also paper and, above all, foil packaging are printed using offset lithography, gravure and flexo printing, depending on the size of the run, desired effect or material to be printed.

Flexible packaging

Printed plastic substrates are not only used for food packaging (see food packaging), but also in the “non-food” area as outer packaging, as carrier bags, shrink wrap (including “shrink sleeves”) etc. For food packaging, compliance with the relevant regulations with respect to migration properties (no risk) is required.

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Food packaging

If there is a risk that components of the printing ink could be transferred into the food either by direct contact or migration, the printing inks and/or the components of their formulations must be low odor and completely safe with regard to migration.

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Label printing

Today, metallic effects can be printed on a whole range of substrates used for labels, from the traditional papers to a variety of plastics. Flexo printing (narrow web) is used most often for this application. For large print runs, gravure printing is also used. Decomet® can be used to achieve metallic effects of particularly high quality.

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They convey a sense of value and brand identification and are used both on the outside and inside of the packaging e.g. "inner liners", on cigar bands or directly on the cigarette rolling paper itself or the mouthpiece.

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Wallpaper printing

Depending on the desired style, design and fashion trends, metallic effects can be used to significantly enhance the attractiveness of wallpaper. The most frequently used process is gravure printing.

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Graphic arts

In the graphic arts area, aluminium and gold bronze pigments are used to create metallic effects in a wide variety of end use applications, including artists’ inks, writing inks, felt tip markers, etc. Liquid inks for painting, spraying or immersion demonstrate a crossover to the coatings industry.

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Textile printing

Textile printing with the use of metal pigments is strongly influenced by fashion trends. In direct printing, the motifs are screen printed (e.g. T-shirts) or rotary screen printing is used (roll material).

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Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging (e.g. outer packaging for food, electronics, consumer items, cosmetics, etc.) has usually been printed using sheet-fed offset printing.

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Gold and silver effects increase the attention paid to magazines, advertising flyers, catalogs and similar publications, particular those printed for special occasions (e.g. anniversaries). Due to large print runs, rotary screen printing or web offset printing are primarily used here.

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Paper coating

Metalleffekt und Abriebfestigkeit sind wichtige Qualitätskriterien, die bei der Auswahl der SCHLENK Metallpigmente und bei der Rezeptierung zu berücksichtigen sind.

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