Roll clad foils for "bipolar" batteries

Bipolar batteries are Li ION batteries that consist of stacked electrodes connected in series. The active material for the cathode and the active material for the anode can be deposited on the common electrode carrier, which consists of two different metals.

These very thin foils are produced by roll-cladding, which leads to a mechanically inseparable bond between the materials. The result is a metal composite with different properties on each side.

For bipolar electrodes, SCHLENK manufactures aluminum-copper claddings that combine the advantages of both materials, such as the high conductivity of copper and the low specific weight of aluminum.

These multilayers can be stacked, thus saving components and manufacturing steps compared to conventional batteries.
See sketch for details

        Advantages of the bipolar battery design:

  • Multilayer cells can be stacked
  • Space-saving - compared to cylindrical or prismatic cells
  • Manufacturing costs are lower - less components, shorter process chain
  • Larger cell formats possible - easy integration

SCHLENK specializes in rolling thinnest foils, which makes material thicknesses of 10µm available. The Al-Cu composite foils can also be produced in various ratios and are particularly suitable for batteries for residential and industrial storage (ESS) and solid-state batteries (SSB).

With the Battery Sample Kit SCHLENK offers sample material to support the development of the latest battery technologies, both for start-ups and industrial manufacturers, and thus enables simple and fast sampling.  The Al-Cu composite foils are now also included. Details of all available rolls can be found in the overview in the downloads.

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