Product innovations

New Aquamet® ST-IL series

Aquamet® ST-IL represents a new product series of silica-encapsulated aluminum pigments.


New Powdal® ST series

Powdal® ST is an improved, inorganically coated generation of Al pigments.


New METAPRINT® FlexoLux MC-UV 365-09 and LithoLux MC-UV 165-09 series

New METAPRINT® FlexoLux MC-UV 365-09 und LithoLux MC-UV 165-09 inks.


New METAPRINT® FlexoCare MC-UV 374 and LithoCare MC-UV 174 series

Innovative low migration press ready UV inks for Flexo and Offset printing.


Suitable for water- and solventborne systems: SCHLENK introduces new silica treated VMP “Decomet® STV 2002 12/10S0”

SCHLENK Metallic Pigments, a leading manufacturer of effect pigments, offers Decomet® STV 2002 12/10S0, a new effect pigment for coatings and printing inks. 


New mineral oil-free Aquador® MOF series

The new mineral oil-free Aquador® MOF series expands our bronze pigment portfolio and enables customers to formulate state of the art water based gold inks matching the regulatory requirements of today.

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New METAPRINT® Flexogloss MC-UV 362 und Lithogloss MC-UV 162 series

Innovative press ready UV inks based on metal effect pigments for Flexo and Offset printing application.

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Zenexo® GoldenWhite WB 21YS - a new special star in the sky of effect pigments

In close cooperation with the masterbatch specialist Gabriel-Chemie Deutschland GmbH and Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH, it has once again been possible to reproduce a fantastic metallic look in plastics.

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Expansion to include orange: SCHLENK introduces ZENEXO® CopperGlow WB 21 OO

Expansion to include orange: SCHLENK introduces ZENEXO® CopperGlow as a third effect pigment to complete the ZENEXO® Ternary System (ZTS).

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New Grandal® and Aquamet pigments with stable for water based applications

Grandal 10600-01/85 UTM and Aquamet NPW 10600-01/55 UTM for water based applications.

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Grandor® UV is the newest SCHLENK innovation for UV ink manufacturers

SCHLENK is meeting the needs of UV ink manufacturers for solvent-free and dust-free pellets based on various gold bronze pigments with Grandor® UV.

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SCHLENK continues to expand Zenexo® pigment product line

SCHLENK Metallic Pigments, a leading producer of effect pigments, now offers Zenexo® GoldenWhite WB 21 YS, a new effect pigment for coatings, inks and plastic applications.

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SCHLENK expands the Pigment Product Line Zenexo® for Automotive Application

SCHLENK Metallic Pigments, a leading producer of effect pigments released Zenexo® GoldenShine WB 21 YY, a new effect pigment for automotive and waterborne coatings.

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Coil Calculator for Metal Foils


Outer diameter, weight, foil length and much more: With our practical calculators, you can calculate the essential key figures of a ring yourself and thus obtain detailed information on the metal foil required in your project.

To the Coil Calculator

New copper conductors for high-frequency cables


Wide, ultra-thin silver-plated copper foil combines advantages of metal foils with precision electroplating for the RF industry and shielding applications.


SCHLENK presents new effect pigments for the cosmetics industry


For the first time, SCHLENK has launched aluminium-based highly covering pigments for cosmetic applications that are suitable for aqueous formulations.


Alegrace® - New Nomenclature


Our portfolio of luxury effect pigments for cosmetics has constantly grown and we are proud that we will be able to add further unique products in the future.


UTM for Printings


SCHLENK’s new aluminium pigment technology, initially launched as Alustar® UTM for coatings applications, is now also available supplied in a delivery form suitable for solvent borne printing inks.




AluStar® 10200 UTM, the new effect pigment, with a D50 of 24 µm complements the existing UTM series by a further fineness.


Alegrace® Aurous 02-02


Gold metallic effects are adding a luxury dimension to cosmetic products. After Alegrace Aurous 02-01 for stunning 24 Carat gold appearance, we now present the second grade in the range – Alegrace Aurous 02-02 for magnificent white gold effects.


Decomet® 2004 18/10 C0


Decomet® is a vacuum metallized aluminium pigment, sold in a slurry dispersed in different solvents. Chrome-like effects can be achieved by means of painting.


AluLux® - Effect Pigments for UV-curable Coatings


AluLux® is a new product series of aluminium based effect pigments for the application in different UV coating technologies.




AluStar® 10400 UTM, the new effect pigment, makes reflecting, almost mirror like effects possible and has outstanding coverage.


Zenexo® GoldenShine 21 YY


Zenexo® represents a new generation of colored aluminium effect pigments, UTPs. Our first product, Zenexo® GoldenShine 21 YY, is supplied in a powder delivery form.


Metaprint® FlexoCare aqua 342


is an innovative press ready metallic ink series that delivers state of the art printing performance. The new inks are suitable for low migration food packaging printing applications on paper and cardboard.


Grandal® W


Grandal® W are based on phosphor organic stabilized non-leafing silver dollar pigments and give a superior printability bright metallic effect with improved tintability in comparison to already existing water based pellets and pastes.


New application


Atomized copper grit in the furniture industry.


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