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SCHLENK offers a comprehensive product range of aluminium powders and aluminium pastes for the light weight concrete industry and other technical applications.

The specific surface, the particle size, and the surface allocation of the particles determine, for the most part, the products' reaction behaviors. Because the reaction behavior of the aluminium pigments can be customized based on the customer’s needs, these are the most frequently used gas forming materials for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete.

A high degree of thermal insulation, easy processing and low stone weight make autoclaved aerated concrete a highly valued wall construction material. But it also continues to gain significance as insulation material.

As the market and technology leader in this segment, SCHLENK develops customized product solutions in close cooperation with customers. Other aerated materials using aluminium pigments as gas forming agent include insulation plaster, restoration plaster, fillers and refractories.

Autoclaved aerated concrete

Due to its high degree of thermal insulation, its low weight (stone densities of 300 – 700 kg/m3) and the ability to be processed easily, autoclaved aerated concrete is a highly valued building material.

Product information Autoclaved aerated concrete

Plasters and Mortars

Further applications concerning foaming of masses, based on different cementitious materials, with aluminium powders and pastes include adjusting the effect of expansion in insulation plasters and restoration plasters and for shrinkage compensation in mortars, screeds and sealing compounds.

Product information Plasters and Mortars

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