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Copper and copper alloy powder, copper powder, bronze powder, brass powder

The field of powder metallurgy and the metallic materials it generates comprise a wide spectrum of metals and alloys as well as end uses and technologies.

Due to consistent expansion in the area of metallic materials, with a specific focus on air atomized copper and copper alloy powders, SCHLENK is now one of the leading providers in target markets such as bearing materials, friction and brake linings, contact materials and PTFE-bound compounds as well as in niche markets such as soldering technology and diamond tools, among others. 

Service orientation, consistency in compliance with the required quality criteria and expert technical application service form a foundation for success.

Powder metallurgy / Sinter technology

The powder metallurgy processes for manufacturing metallic parts include forming, compression and the following sintering process as well as subsequent calibration processes to optimize dimensional accuracy, if required.

Product information Powder metallurgy / Sinter technology

Technical plastics and compounds

Due to its outstanding wear resistance and tribological properties, PTFE is used as a sliding material (e.g. in bearings) and in seals.  In combination with copper or bronze powders as technical compounds, their density, strength and thermal conductivity are improved significantly.

Product information Technical plastics and compounds

Additive Manufacturing

Thermal and electrical conductivity as well as tribological properties of copper metals are very important for many different applications of automotive, aerospace, energy& power plants, industry, medical technology and consumer goods.

Product information Additive Manufacturing

Friction linings

The thermal conductivity of metals is used in friction linings (brake and clutch linings) in order to dissipate the frictional heat generated during the braking process and to give the material the required strength.

Product information Friction linings

Contact materials

In so-called contact materials, metal powder is used to achieve electrical or thermal conductivity. Typical applications include the carbon brushes in electric motors, where lamellar copper powder is used in combination with graphite powders.

Product information Contact materials

Blasting abrasives

To refine high quality metallic surfaces (by deburring, polishing, etc.), blasting abrasives of the same metal composition are used. In this way, the surface is not contaminated with "unlike" components.

Product information Blasting abrasives

Soldering and joining components

Copper and copper alloy powders are used on a large scale in solder pastes for soldering and connecting metal components (heat exchangers, coolers, etc.) in the automotive and electrical device industries.

Product information Soldering and joining components


The lamellar structure of copper powder gives technical lubricants excellent tribological characteristics. In addition, the electrical and thermal conductivity and the heat resistance of the metal enhance all of the lubricant’s properties.

Product information Lubricants

Diamond tools

Along with boron nitride, diamond is among the “super hard cutting materials” and it is used in the form of polycrystalline synthetic diamond powders to manufacture diamond tools.

Product information Diamond tools

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