Autoclaved aerated concrete

Technical aluminium flakes, aluminium powders,aluminium paste

Aluminium powders and aluminium pastes are delivered in the light weight concrete industry.

Due to its high degree of thermal insulation, its low weight (stone densities of 300 – 700 kg/m3) and the ability to be processed easily, autoclaved aerated concrete is a highly valued building material.

It is available in forms from wall blocks to large reinforced panels for industrial construction, complete wall components and entire prefabricated houses. Increasingly, ultra-light insulation boards made from aerated concrete with densities of 100-150 kg/m3 are used for building insulation.

The pores in these building materials are generated by the reaction of fine aluminium particles with the alkaline aerated concrete mass. Strength and other structural characteristics are achieved in a hardening process in so called autoclaves.

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