Printing ink industry

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments, gold bronze pigments, vacuum metallized pigments, press ready inks, offset inks, gravure printing inks, flexo printing ink, gold, silver and metallic effects

A complete product range from metal pigments to press ready printing inks.

In the printing industry, the use of gold, silver and metallic effects is very popular for increasing the quality and value of packaging, labels, print advertising and wallpaper. SCHLENK has developed metallic pigments and intermediate products and solutions for a wide variety of printing substrates and processes, including offset lithography, flexo, gravure and screen printing as well as bronzing.

In addition to metal pigments, SCHLENK also offers press ready metallic printing inks that meet the highest requirements of application performance along with the growing regulatory demands of the food packaging and tobacco industries in particular.

With production locations and technology centers in Europe, North America and China as well as a global distribution network, SCHLENK is known throughout the world as a leading partner of the printing ink industry.


SCHLENK pigments are used on cardboard (used as outer packaging for beverages, tobacco products, cosmetics, electronics and food (without direct contact with the food)). But also paper and, above all, foil packaging are printed using offset lithography, gravure and flexo printing, depending on the size of the run, desired effect or material to be printed.


Printing processes

Recently, the use of digital printing processes has become more frequent in the printing industry. SCHLENK aluminium and gold bronze pigments are used worldwide in all common printing processes.

Printing processes


In consultation with customers, Schlenk offers comprehensive services, starting with the selection and optimization of suitable pigments, then providing support regarding the formulation of metallic effect printing inks, and on to testing the inks on site in printing machines.

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