Tombak is a brass alloy with a high copper content: at least 72% copper with a maximum of 28% zinc.

As the percentage of zinc increases, the alloy becomes harder. The alloy`s color also becomes lighter, moving from red to golden yellow to light yellow.

Application areas for tombak mainly include the arts, decorative items and metal leaf. The five and ten cent coins made when the German mark was still used consisted of tombak-plated steel.

Standard tombak types in our production program include:


  • EN: CuZn10; UNS: C22000; BS: CW 501L (CZ 101); ISO: CuZn10
  • 90% copper, 10% zinc
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Tombak that appears similar to gold (color 1)
  • Electrical conductivity: 24.7 m/Ω mm²
  • Suitable for stamping, die-cutting,, hammering, embossing


  • EN: CuZn15; UNS: C23000; BS: CW 502L (CZ 102); ISO: CuZn15
  • 85% copper, 15% zinc
  • Tombak that appears similar to gold (color 2.5)
  • Very workable when cold
  • Suitable for stamping,  die-cutting, hammering, embossing
  • Electrical conductivity: 21.1 m/Ω mm²

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