Powder coatings

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments, gold bronze pigments

Because there are absolutely no solvents and the overspray can be reused, powder coatings are one of the most environment-friendly coating systems. Metallic effects (aluminium and gold bronze pigments) are used in the coating of tubular steel furniture, automobile parts (e.g. wheel rims), kitchen appliances, tools etc.

The appropriate coating of pigment particles makes them suitable for exterior applications (e.g. façade elements). Coated pigments in no way compromise the electrostatic charging and application of powder coatings. Metallic pigments should be incorporated after extrusion and milling of the coating powder either by dry blending or thermal bonding onto the resin particles. The second method improves the reuse of the overspray. As with all applications that use dry aluminium powder, the applicable safety regulations should be observed.

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