Battery Tab Ribbons

SCHLENK rolled foils are used as current collector and for tabbing in Li-ION batteries.

Tab ribbons are rolled metal strips, precisely cut to width. Tabs can be used to connect the electrodes within the battery itself or as a connection to the battery terminal. SCHLENK is a specialist for customized connectors with narrow tolerances and with an excellent surface quality for challenging applications.


Copper, silver, nickel and alloys thereof. In hard as rolled or soft annealed temper

Pure nickel is a highly suitable material for tab ribbons as it provides good processability, high corrosion resistants and provides an acceptable electrical resistance.


plain or single / double-sided roll-clad with tin, aluminum or silver

Tinned surfaces are used for soldered interconnections. Aluminum is especialy light-weight while silver is one of the best available electrical conductors.


0,010 – 0,400 mm (other thicknesses available on request)


0,600 – 30 mm (depending on strip thickness, other widths available on request)

Avilable on a variety of different spools and cores.

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