Gravure and flexo printing

Printing process, flexo printing

Both the gravure and flexo printing processes utilize low viscosity "liquid inks". The flexibility of this ink technology allows these print processes to cover a wide spectrum of applications for packaging materials (for food, tobacco products, cosmetics) on a variety of substrates (paper, cardboard, plastic, foils, labels and more).

The selection of suitable SCHLENK metal pigments depends on several factors. These include the desired effect, the required technical print characteristics, the machine configuration and the legal provisions and directives with regard to food (primarily in the area of food packaging and in the tobacco industry).

The technology of flexo and gravure printing allows coarser metal pigments to be used, so high quality print effects with outstanding metallic brilliance can be achieved. 

  • Aluminium pigments:  6 – 18 µm
  • Vacuum metallized pigments: 10 – 14 µm
  • Gold bronze pigments:  4 – 10 µm

Particularly high quality aluminium pigments "silver dollars" and, above all, VMPs produce metallic effects that correspond with those achieved by hot stamping. For this reason, they are perfectly suited for use in printing for packaging and labels.

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