Solar industry

High precision connectors for crystalline and thin-film modules

For over 25 years SCHLENK has provided high precision connectors for the photovoltaic industry and is known internationally as a market and technology leader.

Connector strips and cross connectors are important functional components of solar modules. Cell breakage rates and resistors are the most significant items affected by the connectors. Exact adaptation of the cross-section or the dimensions with regard to the requirements for the respective module type can significantly influence performance.

We provide a complete range of connectors for both crystalline and thin-film modules. Our cutting process allows any dimensions to be selected. An international distribution and service network and an experienced "solar team" make SCHLENK an expert partner for the photovoltaic supply industry all over the world.

Innovative connection technology

Our unique connection technology is available and on the market. Light Harvesting String cell connectors

LHS connectors

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