SCHLENK Battery Sample Kit

High-efficiency (RA) rolled metal foils for enhanced battery anodes

With around 90 years of experience in thin foils, SCHLENK is a technology leader in many industries. For the increasing market of energy storage systems, SCHLENK launched a brand new Battery Sample Kit.

SCHLENK supports R&D work with the new Battery Sample Kit. Packages with 3 rolls in 100 m length of the following specification are available.

Sample Materials

  • Pure copper SE-Cu
  • Pure nickel Ni 99.6%
  • HTA (High Tensile Alloys)


Thickness / Width

  • Thickness 10 µm / Width 250 mm


Surface Qualities

  • Lamination Quality (standard solvent-based degreasing)
  • Electrolytic degreasing (special degreasing)


SCHLENK also offers suitable tab connectors of nickel or roll-clad materials on request.


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