Industrial coatings

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments, gold bronze pigments, vacuum metallized pigments, polychromatic pigments

The family of general industrial coatings unites numerous different coating systems, applications and requirements. The factors that influence the choice of pigment are the substrate, the planned application process, the desired effect, the required film properties and most importantly of course, the nature of the coating system (solvent-or water-based). SCHLENK’s worldwide network of application technology centers provides advice targeted to your requirements, wherever you may be.

Primers/Ship paints

The main purpose of primers is functional corrosion protection. The densely packed lamellar structure of the aluminium pigments in the coating layer greatly extends the diffusion paths for moisture and corrosive media, effectively protecting the coated metal from corrosion.

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Roof coatings

In addition to barrier protection from moisture and corrosion, the use of leafing aluminum pigments in roof coatings provides the following typical advantages: The reflection of UV rays...

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Coil / Can Coating

In the coil coating process, rolled steel or aluminium strips are coated continuously on either one or both sides. After the organic coating is applied, the metal strip formed by stamping or bending. With can coating (coating metal containers), aluminium pigments are used for creating effects and ...

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Decorative coatings

To create decorative metallic effects, both aluminium and gold bronze pigments are used in various degrees of fineness: the coarser the pigment, the more brilliant the metallic effect; the finer, the better the coating coverage.

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Aerosol coatings

Metallic effect coatings are available in spray cans for spray applications for private as well as shop applications. The scope of uses extends from decorative coatings to corrosion protection and on to auto refinishing coatings.

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Coating plastics

Metallic coating effects play an important part in the styling of consumer electronics, e.g. TV casings, HiFi equipment, cameras, computer consoles, mobile phones etc. Mostly, the substrate is plastic, which ...

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Wood coatings

Metal pigments are also used in wood coatings for functional protection of the wood from the effects of UV and IR radiation as well as the weather and for creating effects, e.g. to emphasize the wood grain.

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Dispersion paints / Wall coatings

In the area of construction paints, in addition to creating an effect, the main purpose is functional protection of the object: Heat radiation, protection from the effects of UV radiation and the weather and corrosive media.

Product information Dispersion paints / Wall coatings