LHS connectors

Our LHS connectors enable us to increase the effectiveness of the solar modules so efficiently that years of development work on cell and module components can be saved.

Our current R&D activities include broadening the variety of LHS product family versions and presenting customized solutions. In close cooperation with institutes, research establishments, system manufacturers and module producers, SCHLENK is continually improving these product lines. Our specific goals are cost efficiency and further increases in module performance.

LHS Standard

LHS Standard is a copper strip with a structured silver surface and solder on the rear side.  On the silver-clad side, precise grooves are formed in the longitudinal direction, which reflect the incoming light.


LHS SELECT - Newest member of the LHS family - due to its selective pre-tinning, it can be processed in existing production plants without any great modifications. LHS SELECT was developed so that LHS technology could be used in every module production scenario. LHS SELECT is available in various versions and can be adapted to specific customer requirements.


LHS SILVERED – The third member of our LHS family is best suited for use with the new connection technologies based on adhesives. LHS SILVERED has been tested with "dispensing" adhesives and with conductive adhesive strips. The quality and precision of the surface structure have demonstrated outstanding results with regard to the electrical conductivity and adhesion to the cell surface.

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