Rolled Anode Foils

Over the years, SCHLENK has become one of the primary suppliers in the battery industry for rolled copper, nickel and silver foil. Rolled foil is sometimes also referred to as RA foil. A somewhat misleading term as it stands for “rolled annealed“ which is only one possible temper for rolled foil. Compared to electrodeposited (ED) foil used in common batteries, rolled foils offer a variety of technical benefits for special applications.

Based on the purity of the metal composition, rolled foils reaches an ultimate conductivity and is excellent for high power applications. Even more importantly, the rolling process provides a symmetrically smooth surface finish on boths sides. The surface can be individually adapted to customer requirements..

The flexibility of the rolling process opens a wide range of available dimensions. Rolled anode foil can be manufactured to virtually any thickness from 6 to 100 microns, in widths of up to 650 mm. Nearly every copper alloys can be rolled. Therefore our High Tensile Alloys offer new possibilities in terms of mechanical strength and conductivity in the field of battery materials. Aluminum Copper-Clad (Al-Cu) composite foils are available for new bipolar anode designs.

Please also review our SCHLENK Battery Sample Kit options if you intend to test our rolled anode foils of copper and nickel in your application.

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