Offset printing

Printing process, offset printing

Offset printing is one of the most frequently used printing processes. In both sheet fed and web offset printing, high quality metallic effect inks (for gold and silver effects and metallic appearance) can be used to enhance packaging materials, advertising graphics, catalogs, posters, etc.

The process requires extremely small particle sizes in the range of 2-6 µm (gold bronze) or 6-10 µm (aluminium pigment) and the following rule applies: the coarser the pigment, the greater the metallic brilliance, and the finer the pigment, the higher the printability, especially at high speeds. SCHLENK offers pigments and press ready printing inks for processes that range from classic, oil-based offset printing to UV curable systems.

For food packaging, particular requirements for pigments and ink formulations are based on the relevant guidelines for aromatic compound content, the extent to which the ink must be free of mineral oil, odor and, above all, migration resistance. SCHLENK offers products that meet individual customer needs and legal provisions with regard to food.

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