Vacuum Metallized Pigments

SCHLENK offers Vacuum Metallized Pigments under the brand name Decomet®. The Pigment is extremely thin, has an excellent hiding power and liquid smooth with mirror-like or chrome-like effect. SCHLENK Vacuum Metallized Pigments are applicable for coatings and printings industry.

SCHLENK produces Vacuum Metallized Pigments for a wide variety of industries:

Printing ink industry

A complete product range from metal pigments to press ready printing inks. SCHLENK has developed metallic pigments and intermediate products and solutions for a wide variety of printing substrates and processes.

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Coatings industry

The coatings industry uses metallic pigments in many different applications, coatings systems and coating processes. In addition, they are used both to increase the attractiveness and exclusivity of end products by improving their appearance (with metal effects) and to add functionality.

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Cosmetics industry

Effect pigments enable many interesting color effects and emphasize the pursuit of attractiveness and a certain amount of luxury. And compliance with the specifications of international cosmetic regulations must be ensured. In particular, color effects play a large role in decorative cosmetics. Effect pigments make lips, eyes and nail real attention getters.

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SCHLENK produces metal pigments & metal foils for different applications.

SCHLENK is a leading international manufacturer focusing on the business areas of metal foils, coatings & plastics industries, printing & graphics industries, building material & chemical industries and the materials industry.

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