Decomet® MirrorCoil

SCHLENK manufactures Decomet® pigments (VMPs, vacuum metalized pigments) in a vacuum. Due to this manufacturing process (physical vapor deposition), they are extremely thin (in a low, two-digit nm range) and highly reflective.

Polished aluminium or stainless steel effects can be achieved with this pigment in coil coating applications.

Decomet® MirrorCoil

Coil Coatings Coil Coatings
Can Coatings Can Coatings

Product NameD 50 value [µm]Solid content [%]SolventApplication
MirrorCoil Silver12-1510methoxypropyl acetateCoil CoatingsCan Coatings
MirrorCoil Platinum11-1410methoxypropyl acetateCoil CoatingsCan Coatings

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