Powder coatings

Effect pigments, aluminium pigments, gold bronze pigments

Because there are absolutely no solvents and the overspray can be reused, powder coatings are one of the most environment-friendly coating systems. Metallic effects (aluminium and gold bronze pigments) are used in the coating of tubular steel furniture, automobile parts (e.g. wheel rims), kitchen appliances, tools etc.

The appropriate coating of pigment particles makes them suitable for exterior applications (e.g. façade elements). Coated pigments in no way compromise the electrostatic charging and application of powder coatings. Metallic pigments should be incorporated after extrusion and milling of the coating powder either by dry blending or thermal bonding onto the resin particles. The second method improves the reuse of the overspray. As with all applications that use dry aluminium powder, the applicable safety regulations should be observed.

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The Constant® product group consists of gold-bronze and aluminium powders with an inorganic coating. Their resulting high thermal and chemical resistance makes them suitable for use in plastics (masterbatches), in particular, but also coating systems that are sensitive in their reactions.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Constant® 2210/N 45 100
Constant® 2250/N 33 100
Constant® 2280/N 28 100
Constant® 4117/N 11 100


MultiFlect® effect pigments exhibit polychromatic light sparks when perceived under directional lighting. It provides a perfect combination of polychromaticity and cost efficiency.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
MultiFlect® Wave20 20 100
MultiFlect® Wave35 35 100
MultiFlect® Wave150 150 100


Special aluminium pigments for use in powder coatings. The Powdal® product group comprises extremely brilliant, leafing pigments in the particle-size range of approximately 6-20 µm and non-leafing pigments in the particle-size range of approximately 11-75 µm. Powdal® non-leafing pigments come as uncoated and coated pigment powders. Whilst uncoated pigments are an interesting, cost effective alternative, SiO2-coated products are primarily recommended for powder coatings.

Their advantages are, above all, ease of electric chargeability and increased endurance.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Powdal 70 20 100
Powdal 110 13 100
Powdal 130 10 100
Powdal 170 6 100
Powdal 170 XB 6 100
Powdal 310 n.l. 75 100
Powdal 320 n.l. 56 100
Powdal 340 n.l. 34 100
Powdal® 1500-01 21 100
Powdal® 1700-01 16 100
Powdal® 2600-01 23 100
Powdal® 2900-01 11 100
Powdal® 3100-01 75 100
Powdal® 3200-01 56 100
Powdal® 3400-01 34 100
Powdal® 8500-01 15 100

Powdal® HC

Special aluminium pigments for use in powder coatings.

Powdal® HC offers a new optical effect for the coated non-leafing aluminium powder segment. The effect pigment is based on a thin non-leafing silver dollar pigment. Silica encapsulation in combination with a special surface treatment allows for the realization of exceptional silver chrome effects also in powder coating applications.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Powdal® 8500-01 HC 16 100
Powdal® 9400-01 HC 18 100

Powdal® SDT

Special aluminium pigments for use in powder coatings.

Powdal SDT pigments are suitable for a wide variety of application areas. The strict colour stability requirements for powder coating Pigments, used in construction and architecture, were followed as Powdal® SDT was developed.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Powdal® 2600 SDT 24 100
Powdal® 2900 SDT 13 100
Powdal® 3200 SDT 56 100
Powdal® 3400 SDT 34 100

Powdal® XT

Special aluminium pigments for use in powder coatings.

Powdal® XT are silica encapsulated pigments for powder coatings. Powdal® XT pigments are suitable for high-quality indoor applications that require higher chemical resistance.

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Powdal® 2600-01 XT 23 100
Powdal® 3100-01 XT 75 100
Powdal® 3200-01 XT 56 100
Powdal® 3400-01 XT 34 100
Powdal® 6600-01 XT 18 100


Zenexo® UTP Colored Aluminium Effect Pigment in powder form. First available pigment with a D50 value of 21µm. Effect Pigments can be used in solvent, waterborne and UV coatings and printing ink systems. Zenexo® provides outstanding coloristic features, i.e. hiding power, color intensity, flop and gloss. Application areas: Powder Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Plastics and Screen Printing

D 50 value [µm] Solid content [%] Application
Zenexo GoldenShine 21 YY 21 100
Zenexo GoldenShine WB 21 YY 21 100
Zenexo GoldenWhite WB 21 YS 21 100
Zenexo CopperGlow WB 21 OO 21 100

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